Fidic Asia Pacific 2023

Organized by
The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand

Conference Overview

The FIDIC Asia Pacific Conference 2023, themed "Engineering towards Net Zero," aims to bring together industry professionals, government representatives, and stakeholders to discuss the prospects, challenges, and opportunities in achieving net-zero emissions in the engineering sector. The conference will cover various focus sessions that delve into different perspectives related to net-zero engineering.

The conference will feature focus sessions that cover a range of topics. These sessions will include discussions on engineering towards net-zero from government and infrastructure perspectives, private development perspectives, FIDIC Future Leaders perspectives, design perspectives, material perspectives, and energy perspectives. Each focus session will provide a platform for experts and industry professionals to share their insights, best practices, and innovative approaches related to achieving net-zero emissions.

Throughout the conference, attendees will have opportunities to engage in networking activities, fostering connections with colleagues from different countries and expanding their professional networks. The conference will also provide a platform for exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their products, services, and solutions related to net-zero engineering.

Overall, the FIDIC Asia Pacific Conference 2023 aims to inspire, educate, and facilitate collaboration among industry professionals towards a sustainable and net-zero future in engineering.


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