Fidic Asia Pacific 2023



The Loy Krathong Gala Dinner is designed to give attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture. Discovering the unique customs and traditions of Thailand via exquisite performing arts and a taste of Thai cuisine.  

Experience a traditional Thai dessert or “Khanom Thai” and Thai fruit carving via live cooking show. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample yummy sweet treats such as Luk Chup (Mung bean dessert), Foi Thong (Golden egg yolk threads), Thong Yip (Pinched gold egg yolks), and Khanom Chan (Steamed and layered coconut cake), and seasonal Thai fruits.

In additional to the food, there will also be the fabulous four traditional performing arts show and live music throughout the gala night.

The Puppet Performance

Thai puppetry, known as Hun Lakhon Lek, is a type of traditional small Thai puppet which uses three puppeteers working together to produce a character with more mobility and lifelike movement. To perform Hun Lakhon Lek, each puppet is controlled by three people with a rope and pulley system. Three puppeteers are each responsible for different functions, but performing together as one character. The first puppeteer controls the head and the right hand of the puppet, the second controls the left hand, and the third controls the puppet’s feet. The performance is usually accompanied by both music and a narrator who normally tells a story derived from the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Hindu Ramayana.

Khon Performance

Khon is a Thai traditional dance which combines many arts like dance and drama. It is a form of masked theatre that depicts the story of Ramakien, a Thai epic based on the Hindu tale of Ramayana. The theatrical art of Khon combines graceful movements, combat choreography, rituals, traditional music, narration, singing, and poetry. Equally notable are the exquisite Khon masks, jewelries, and embroidered costumes, all of which require the highest skills in craftsmanship to create.

Blessing Dance Performance

Traditional worship dance performs to express a blessing to one another. This is an ancient Thai tradition dance that pass down from generation to generation. The blessing dance express the kindness and summon all the holiness from all over the world to bless and protect you from dangers and grant you all happiness, prosperity and may all your wishes come true.

Ram Wong Loy Krathong Performance

Ram Wong or Thai folk dance is a slow round dance continuously moving in a circular manner, and incorporates graceful hand movements and simple footwork. Both men and women dance in pairs in a circle with the musical instrument tone that accompanies the rhythm. It will be simple dancing and singing focusing on fun and joy.

Since the event will take place in the evening of Loy Krathong Festival, known as Thailand's Festival of Lights, attendees will celebrate and enjoy gathering around the hotel pier by Chao Phraya River together to release floating lanterns of “Krathong” on waterways to pay respect to the Goddess of water and the Buddha.

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